FCE Writing Paper: The FCE Correction Club

Unfortunately, we are no longer offering this service!


We are delighted to be able to introduce a new service to you:
the FCE Correction Club.

We are aware that a number of our subscribers are self-study students and that they find it difficult not be receiving feedback on how they are progressing with their writing.

Well great news – now you can!

When joining the FCE Correction Club you will have instant access to a number of interactive writing lessons with exercises. You can then submit one or more of your writings to one of our highly experienced FCE teachers for correction. Your teacher will correct your writing(s) and give you constructive feedback – all within three working days!

If you choose to submit more than one writing, we will ensure that the same teacher corrects all of your writings  and informs you on how you are progressing. So, why not sign up today and start making real progress on your FCE Writing paper?


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