FCE Writing Paper: Part 2 – Which One?

Choice can be a mixed blessing. When writing for Part 2 on the FCE exam, do you go for the letter again? Or do you go for the set book and hope for a better mark?

As a rule of thumb, avoid the tasks that are unsuited to your interests or experience. Nor should you attempt to do a task if it is not clear to you what is required.

On the second part of the FCE Writing paper you have a chance to demonstrate your range of language by using a variety of grammatical structures as well as a wide range of vocabulary and expressions.

For a quick overview of the various task types in the FCE Writing paper, watch this short presentation.

Irrespective of which task you go for, you should always make sure that you have read the instructions carefully and fully understood what is expected of you.

Always study the input text carefully and make a writing task plan before you start writing. As with the first writing task, you should make sure that your spelling and punctuation is correct: make sure that you do not mix American spelling with British spelling!

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