FCE Writing Paper: The Key to Success (Step 1)

UPDATE: We have a new and updated article: How to Succeed on the FCE Writing Paper.

Want to become a good writer for the FCE Writing Paper? Yes? Unfortunately, there is only one thing for it – keep writing. Like with so many other things in life, the more you practise, the better you become.

As writing is a means of communication and self-expression, learning to write well is not only a skill needed for passing your FCE Writing Paper but a skill you will need to make use of throughout your life.

Every Word Counts
The number of words you have to write on the two tasks is roughly the same, between 120 and 150 words on the first task and between 120 and 180 words on the second one.

As each tasks carry equal marks, it is important that you make every word count. Too many students only count the number of words they write and forget to look at

  • how the text flows,
  • how they use the vocabulary, and
  • the spelling of words.

The word count is important – your text should not be too short or too long. However, what is more important is your content. The more writing practice you put in, the more successful you will be in writing within the word limit without constantly counting your words. Word counting during the exam often leads to poorly structured writing pieces with many alterations.

So, how can you make every word count? Follow this series of FCE Writing: The Key to Success and start producing well written pieces and start on your road to success on the FCE Writing paper.

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