FCE Vocabulary: Vocabulary Building (4)

In this week’s vocabulary-building exercise for the FCE exam, we are continuing with how to describe people. In particular, we are going to look at adjectives describing personality.

Would you be able to answer if the examiner asked you the following questions on the Speaking exam?

  • Can you describe the people in this picture?
  • Can you describe some of your friends and say why you like them?
  • Can you describe somebody you don’t like and say why?


FCE Vocabulary: Use More Sophisticated Vocabulary

As always, start by writing down your answers and then analyse them:

  • Are the sentences grammatically correct?
  • Is the vocabulary extensive enough?
  • Can you improve your answers?

Many students would write or say something like this:

  • My friend is very kind.
  • He always listens to my ideas.
  • She never listens to other people’s suggestions.

By using a more sophisticated vocabulary, your phrases could look something like this:

  • I would characterise my friend as a very kind-hearted person.
  • He is very open-minded and is always ready to listen to my ideas.
  • She is very narrow-minded and never listens to other people’s suggestions.

Here is an interactive exercise on the people’s appearance which we hope you enjoy.

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