FCE Vocabulary: Vocabulary Building (11)

This week’s FCE vocabulary building exercise for the FCE exam will have another look at what your body does. In our previous FCE vocabulary building exercise,  we also looked at vocabulary connected with the body, namely:

  • the mouth and breathing
  • the eyes and face

FCE Vocabulary: The Body/Eating and Digestion

In this week’s article, the time has come to look at following parts of the human body:

  • eating and digestion
  • the whole body

To help you improve building your FCE vocabulary knowledge, we have developed a couple of interactive FCE vocabulary exercises which we hope you’ll enjoy. There are two different exercises, so make sure  that you click on the next button.

Here is a vocabulary building tip for you: only shake and bite are not regular verbs and only perspire doesn’t have an identical noun form.

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If you would like to put your vocabulary into practice, why not try out one of our FREE FCE Practice Tests: FCE Reading Paper 5?

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