FCE Vocabulary: Vocabulary Building (10)

This week it is time for more health-related vocabulary for the FCE exam. Some weeks back we did another exercise on health and vocabulary related to illness and injury.

FCE Vocabulary Building Recommendations

If you haven’t already done this exercise, we suggest you do it now:

FCE Vocabulary: Vocabulary Building (6)

You can never learn too much vocabulary. The more you know, the better you will do on the FCE exam. Remember, you will need to have both a passive and an active vocabulary range. If you would like to learn more about vocabulary building for the FCE Exam, we suggest you visit this post:

FCE Study Tips: Vocabulary Building

FCE Vocabulary: What Your Body Does

This week where we will be looking at what your body does. We have developed a couple of interactive exercises which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Here is a vocabulary building tip for you: all the verbs used are regular verbs and most of them have an identical noun form.

We have included two exercise, so make sure that you click the next button.

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