FCE Vocabulary: Vocabulary Building (1)

When doing the FCE exam you will need to have quite an extensive vocabulary range. With this post we will be starting a new series of vocabulary building exercises. Each week we will touch on a different topic that may come up on the exam. We would like to know what you think, so please feel free to comment on each exercise.

FCE Vocabulary: Improve Your Speaking for the FCE

This week’s topic is food and cooking. Would you be able to answer if the examiner asked you the following questions on the Speaking exam?

  • How important is food in your country?
  • What kind of food do/don’t you like?
  • Can you describe how to make your favourite dish?
  • Can you describe how to make a traditional dish from your country?

As always, start by writing down your answers and then analyse them:

  • Are the sentences grammatically correct?
  • Is the vocabulary extensive enough?
  • Can you improve on your answers?

For instance, if you are Spanish, you may start your answer by saying something like this:

  • Paella is a traditional dish from Spain and you make it by …

This is a quite basic sentence and you can easily make it more interesting (and impressive to the examiner) by introducing more extensive vocabulary:

  • There are a number of traditional dishes from Spain. However, the most famous one is probably paella which you can make by …

As with the other speaking activities we have done so far, you should keep a note of your answers and every so often go back and see if you can improve on them. Also, don’t forget to practise your speaking.

If you cannot practise your English with someone else, record yourself and listen back. It may sound silly, but it is important that you are comfortable with hearing yourself speaking in a foreign language. It is also a good way for you to hear your own mistakes so you can improve on them.

Here is an interactive drag and drop exercise on food and cooking which we hope you’ll enjoy.

If you would like to do some more exercises like this, you can find more FCE vocabulary building exercises here: FCE Vocabulary.

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