FCE Vocabulary Building: The Key to Success (Step 2)

There are more than one way to improve your vocabulary for the FCE exam. For instance, when learning a phrasal verb, try to learn the single-verb synonym that goes with it and vice versa.

Knowing both the phrasal verb and the single verb is especially important when you are doing the FCE writing tasks. Remember, when writing in a formal style, you should not use any phrasal verbs at all. However, when you are writing in an informal style, you should use phrasal verbs, and not single verbs.

FCE Vocabulary: Organise Your Phrasal Verbs

There are many ways to organise your phrasal verbs. You can for instance organise them by:

  • key verbs
  • key particles
  • concepts
  • functions
  • topic

Having a good knowledge of which verbs and particles go together is also very important for completing the Use of English parts of the FCE Reading Paper.

FCE Vocabulary Exercise

We have put together this little interactive exercise for you to try and see how well you know your phrasal verbs. Drag and drop the words in the orange diamonds into the blue boxes to form synonym phrasal verbs. Once you have dragged and dropped all the words, you will automatically see how well you have done. You can then either RESET just the wrong words or all of the words and start again.

Good luck – we hope you enjoy the exercise!

[This FCE Knowledge Check is in a FLASH format.]

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