FCE Vocabulary Building: The Key to Success (Step 1)

Building your vocabulary range is an important part of your preparations for sitting the FCE exam. In our post on FCE Vocabulary Building, we discussed the importance of how you learn words. We will now start looking at some FCE vocabulary building methods that may help you in your studies.

FCE Vocabulary Building

One of the quickest ways to build your vocabulary range is to organise your vocabulary by word-classes. The easiest way to do this is to divide your notebook page into 4 columns under the following headings:

  • noun
  • verb
  • adjective
  • person

Whenever you come across a word, put it into your table under the correct heading. Then it is time to get working with a good dictionary. Look up the word in the dictionary and see if you can find the same base word in other word-classes which will fit under your headings.

This is a very easy way of learning a number of words at the same time. It is also a method that will make it easier for you to do some of the Use of English exercises in the FCE Reading Paper.

Practise Your FCE Vocabulary

We have put together this little interactive exercise for you to try out this method. When you are happy with the way your table looks, click the “CHECK” button and see how you did.

If you have made any mistakes, try again and click “CHECK” to see if you are correct this time. To start all over again, click the “RESET” button.


Remember, there is no right or wrong way to organise your vocabulary – try out one or more FCE vocabulary building methods and find the one that is best suited to your learning style. Most students will use a combination of different FCE vocabulary building methods.

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