FCE Use of English Paper: Knowledge Check (8)

Reported speech is the main focus in this week’s knowledge check for the FCE exam. There are a number of issues you will have to deal with when using reported speech, for example:

  • reporting verbs that need an indirect object
  • placement of the reporting clause
  • punctuation
  • changes to time words
  • tense changes
  • etc., etc.

As the use of reported speech is something that is repeatedly tested on the Use of English paper, it is something you should take the time to study more closely.

Infinitive or –ing form? Keep an eye out for prepositions as well as an eye on the verbs and hopefully you will find the correct answers to the questions in part 3.

One of the most common mistakes that students make on the FCE exam is to confuse the use of say and tell. We have therefore included some exercises that include the use of say, tell, talk, speak, etc.

Adjectives ending in –ed and –ing are another source of great confusion to students, so guess what, we have included some exercises on this issue as well.

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