FCE Use of English Paper: Knowledge Check (7)

The main focus in this week’s knowledge check for the FCE exam is the use of the passive.

Getting to grips with the various forms of the passive voice is probably one of the more difficult aspects of learning English. It is also something that is repeatedly tested on the Use of English paper, so it is something you should take the time to study more closely.

The use of causative get and have is quite common in English:

  • active form: ask or cause somebody to do something
  • passive form: arrange for somebody else to do something

To form the causative of get and have, you should use the following patterns:

  • active form: get + sb + to-infinite OR have + sb + bare infinitive
  • passive form: get/have + object + past participle

The first three parts of the knowledge check will show you if you need to study these forms more closely.

The test then goes on to test your knowledge in the use of get and have got as well as the use of compound nouns.

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