FCE Use of English Paper: Knowledge Check (14)

This is the final knowledge check for the FCE exam in the current series. The main topic for this week is prepositions:

  • prepositions of time, place and movement
  • prepositions after verbs and nouns
  • prepositional phrases

Some of the most common prepositional mistakes that students make on the FCE exam are in knowing when to use in and when to use to. Another common pair of prepositions that students often confuse is when to use of and when to use on.

We will also briefly touch on the use of it and there as well as the use of phrasal verbs with put.

As this knowledge check is the last in the current series, we would love to hear what your opinion is of our knowledge checks and our website as a whole. We would therefore appreciate if you would complete our survey. [Update: NOW CLOSED]


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