FCE Use of English Paper: Knowledge Check (3)

It’s time to try and plug some more of your knowledge “holes” for the Use of English parts of the FCE Reading paper.

In this knowledge check we will be looking more closely at modals – always a tricky subject for FCE students.

Key FCE Use of English Points Covered

In fact, it is one of the areas where students make the most mistakes on the FCE paper. In particular, students have problems with the correct uses of:

  • Must or have to?
  • Mustn’t or don’t have to?
  • Can, could, couldn’t or be able to?

We have also included a check on linking words and phrases. These are not only tested on the Use of English parts of the FCE Reading Paper, but a great for enhancing your writing and speaking.

Try and incorporate linkers in each paragraph of your writings. They also make a good impression on the examiner if you can use them effectively in your introduction on your speaking test.

In addition, we have included have, take and bring as these are verbs that you often find in collocations and phrasal verbs and it can pay off to learn a few of them off by heart. Again, this is a topic that we will revisit in future postings in the FCE Vocabulary: The Key to Success series.

Last, but not least, we are revisiting suffixes as how to use them is one of the key skills that you have to master for Part 3 on the FCE  Reading Paper.

Try our FCE Use of English Knowledge Check

Try out this Use of English Knowledge Check and see how well you know your grammar as well as linking words and phrases.


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