FCE Use of English Paper: Knowledge Check (2)

In our quest to help you plug your knowledge “holes” for the Use of English parts of the  FCE Reading Paper, we are continuing with our knowledge checks.

In our previous Use of English knowledge check, we touched on the present and past tenses as well as suffixes.

Key Use of English Points Covered

This time we will be looking at the future. We have also included a little check on your knowledge of phrasal verbs.

Phrasal verbs and their uses, is a big subject and we have covered in more depth in our article in this article on FCE vocabulary. We will also include more tips and advice on how to improve your vocabulary range in our FCE Vocabulary Building Series.

Last, but not least, we have included a check on prefixes. Knowing how to use prefixes and suffixes is one of the key skills that you have to master for Part 3 on the FCE Reading paper.

Try Out Our Use of English Knowledge Check

Try out this Use of English Knowledge Check and see how well you know your phrasal verbs and prefixes. Do you know how to use the future tenses? Find out by doing this knowledge check.


[This FCE Knowledge Check is in a FLASH format.]

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