FCE Study Tips: Using FCE Practice Tests


As part of your preparations for sitting the FCE exam, you should try to do some practice tests.

We always recommend that before you start putting your study plan and exam strategy plan together, you do a practice test first.

The results of your practice test will highlight your problem areas and act as a great tool in your planning process. Our Knowledge Checks section can also act as a great diagnostic tool.

We have in several previous posts discussed how you can best plan for your FCE exam – here are some links you may find useful:

As you progress in your studies, every so often you should stop and measure how you are doing and adjust your planning accordingly. Now might be a good time to do another practice test!

Continue to alternate between periods of studying and doing a practice test. However, it is important to strike a balance – don’t do too many practice tests and don’t do too few!

There is no set number of practice tests you should do – it is often depending on how long your preparation period is. The minimum you should do is two – one at the beginning of your studies and one just before you are sitting the actual FCE exam.

We have developed a number of interactive FCE exams that not only measures your language abilities but also aids you in your studies by telling you why your answer is wrong. Why not try one of practice tests and see how it can assist you in your studies?

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