FCE Speaking Paper: The Key to Success (Step 5)

On the third part of the FCE Speaking paper, you will have a two-way conversation with an other candidate. The examiner will give you spoken instructions with written and visual stimuli which you will use in a decision-making task.

Remember, there are two parts to this task:

  • you have to have a discussion with the other candidate
  • you have to make a decision together with the other candidate

The first thing you need to focus on is the examiner’s instructions. Make sure that you understand what you are asked to do. Don’t be afraid to ask the examiner to clarify if you are not sure – you will not lose marks because of it!

Above the visuals you have been given, you will find the questions that you will need to answer during the task. Make sure that you answer all of them and don’t discuss the first question too long, not leaving enough time to complete the task.

You do not have to talk about the images in the order they appear, you can jump back and forth as long as all the images have been discussed.

It is very hard to make a template for this part of the exam as how you progress through the task is dependent on the other candidate as well, not just you. However, you can prepare and make sure that you are familiar with a number of phrases and sentence structures which you can adapt to any visuals and discussions.

First of all, never use I THINK … This is a very basic phrase and at this stage you are expected to have a wider range of vocabulary. Use expressions like:

  • I believe … . In addition, I feel that … .
  • I feel … . On the other hand, I believe … .
  • From my point of view … . Furthermore, I feel that … .
  • In my opinion … . I also believe that … .

If you are a bit more confident in your English, you could use phrases like:

  • It seems to me that … . However, having said that, I feel that …
  • First of all, from my point of view … . Leading on from that … .
  • To start with, I feel that … . Moreover, I believe that by choosing to …. .

As you can see, you need to know your linkers and how to express your opinions!

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