FCE Speaking Paper: The Key to Success (Step 3)

In this week’s tips for the FCE Speaking paper, we will continue to look at Paper 2. Last week’s speaking tips talked about how to make a speaking template. We are now going to show you how such a template can be used.

You should note how we try to “recycle” the words in the question and use them in our template. The words in italic are the words that will need to change for each picture set.

 Which factors may influence people’s holiday choice?

                                    Tips and advice for FCE students on how to pass the FCE Speaking Exam                     Tips and advice for FCE students on how to pass the FCE Speaking Exam

It seems to me what these two pictures have in common is holiday destinations. However, they do differ in some ways.

The first picture depicts a lovely, unpopulated beach. In my opinion, this would be a typical holiday choice for couple’s who are on their honeymoon. However, it may also be a typical choice for more wealthy people.

In contrast, the second picture shows a much more crowded beach. From my point of view, this would be a typical holiday choice for people who would like a holiday, but cannot afford to go somewhere expensive.

To sum up, there may be many factors that influence people’s holiday choice, but in my opinion, the main factor is probably their financial situation.

Now it is your turn – try to first make a template and then apply it to the pictures. Once you are fairly happy with your template, record yourself and listen back:

  • How does it sound?
  • Is it fluent with no pauses?
  • Do you repeat yourself?
  • Can you improve it further?

This “speaking template” should be a “live” document and as you progress in your FCE studies, you should constantly update it until you are satisfied with it. Only then should you decide on your final template, and focus on delivering it in one minute without it sounding “rehearsed”.

One danger of preparing a template like this is that you may get pictures that don’t exactly fit into your template. However, remember, the better you prepare, the more likely you are to be able to adapt your template “on the spot” and be successful on the FCE Speaking paper.

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