FCE Reading: The Key to Success (Step 3)

One of the main reasons for students failing the FCE Reading paper is that they run out of time. To avoid this happening to you, the next step you should take is to familiarise yourself with the format of the FCE Reading paper and develop a reading strategy.

Do a FCE Practice Test
So that you know what is expected of you, you should start by doing the Reading paper of a FCE Practice Test.

As you work through each part of your FCE practice test, you should:

  1. Always read the instructions carefully before you start.
  2. Time each part of the test separately and note down the time.
  3. Check your answers.

Doing FCE practice tests alone will not make you pass the FCE exam. You should use practice tests as a tool and include them in your overall study plan.

Develop a Strategy
Going into the FCE exam, you should have an exam strategy ready. This takes time to develop and will only “come together” in the last few weeks before your FCE exam.

Once you have completed the Reading Part of your free FCE practice test, it is time to analyse how you did:

  1. Add up the time you spend on each part – did you run out of time?
  2. Did you not answer a question because you didn’t understand it?
  3. Why did you not understand the question? Was it lack of vocabulary?
  4. Why were your answers incorrect?

Write down the result of your analysis and keep the information so that as you progress towards the FCE exam, you can track your improvement and develop your final reading strategy for the FCE exam.

As you work your way through the various parts of the FCE practice test, you will not only get an overall picture of your weaknesses and strengths, you will also be able to use the results to develop your FCE study plan.

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