FCE Practice Test: Try Out FCE Reading Paper 4 (1)

We are continuing our new series on tips and advice with the Cambridge FCE Reading Paper 4. In this article, you will find both tips and advice as well as a FREE FCE Practice Test you can practise on.

The FCE Reading Paper 4 is the last of three Use of English parts. In this part, you will have to use your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to rewrite sentences.

Plan for Tackling the FCE Reading Paper 4

Here are some tips on how you could approach this type of exercise on the FCE Reading Paper 4:

  1. There is no need to read through the whole text first.
  2. Read carefully through the first sentence.
  3. Think of a structure where you can use the key word without changing it.
  4. Remember there will always be two things that you have to do in your answer, for example, you may need to use:
    a)  since + change of tense
    b)  negative + comparison
    c)  paraphrase + ‘to’ and gerund
    d) negative + phrasal verb
    e)  etc, etc.
  5. Never write more than five words.
  6. Remember that both sentences have to have the same or similar meaning.
  7. Contractions count as two words except for ‘can’t’ which can be written as one word (cannot).
  8. Read through both sentences to make sure that the words you write make sense in the second sentence and that the meaning remains the same or similar.
  9. Make sure that you double-check your spelling!
  10. You should always try to answer and not leave any gaps empty.

Top Tips for Tackling the FCE Reading Paper 4

Here are some more Top Tips for passing the FCE Reading Paper 4:

Read the Instructions
Make sure you know what to do – always start by reading the instructions first!

Don’t Get Bogged Down
If you are struggling to find an answer, move on to the next question and go back to the question later.

Keep an Eye on the Clock
Don’t run out of time! If you have developed your final FCE exam strategy, you will know how much time you have allocated to this part of the test. Stick to your timetable.

FREE Practice Test: FCE Reading Paper 4

Here is an interactive, self-correcting FREE FCE Practice Test. You can reset the test as many times as you like. If you have made a mistake, make sure to click on the little, blue question mark. This will give you more information about why your answer was wrong.

The actual FCE Reading Paper 4 only has six key word transformation questions. This test has eight, giving you more opportunities to practise your exam techniques.

Good luck and enjoy!


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[This FCE Practice Test is in a FLASH format.]

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