FCE Listening Paper: Try Out FCE Listening Part 3 (T1)

In this article we will give you some tips and advice on how to approach the FCE Listening Paper, Part 3. We have also included an FCE Listening test you can do.

The FCE Listening Paper, Part 3, requires you to listen to five themed monologues. Each monologue is approx. 30 seconds long.

You will need to select five correct options from a list of eight possible answers. You then have to match the answers with the correct speaker. Basically, you have to decide who said what.

Tips for the FCE Listening Paper (Part 3)

You will be given 30 seconds to view the questions before the this listening part start. It is important that you make the most of these 30 seconds.

Make sure you read the questions carefully. When you are reading them, you should try to think of other ways of saying the same thing.

On the tape, you will hear words which mean the same. This will help you to identify the speaker.

Do not worry if you don’t get all the answers during the first listening. Make sure that you only fill in the answers that you are absolutely sure of. Then use the second listening to confirm your answers.

FCE Listening Practice Test

We have included an FCE Listening which we hope you will enjoy. Once you have done the FCE Listening, we suggest you access the answer key to see how well you have done (see below).

If you have any problems accessing the answer key or don’t have Facebook and Google+, please contact us and we will sort you out!

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