FCE Listening Paper: The Key to Success (Step 1)

We have an updated version of this article with more tips and advice on the FCE Listening Paper. You can find this article here: How to Develop Your Skills for the FCE Listening Paper.

Good listening skills are an essential learning tool. Listening for specific information as you need to do for the FCE Listening paper, can be difficult. It is a skill that can only be built up over time and requires a lot of practice.

If you are not living in an English speaking country and are exposed to the language daily, it can be difficult to improve your listening skills. It is therefore important to that you try and listen as much as possible to English speaking programmes on the radio or TV.

Another good alternative is listening to graded audio books. These can not only help you improve your listening skills but also help you improve your reading skills. We will look into audio books in more detail in a future post.

Having good notetaking skills will complement your listening skills. They will not only help you to prepare for the FCE exam but good notetaking skills will also help you whether you are studying in general or working.

Good notetaking skills will help you ensure you get the most out of your lectures, or assist you in writing great minutes of meetings that will impress both your colleagues or boss.

To help you develop good notetaking skills, we have included a tutorial we hope you will enjoy.

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