FCE Books: Which Book?

There is a wide range of FCE books available for FCE students and sometimes it can be difficult to pick the right one. If you are taking FCE classes, you could ask your teacher to recommend some books for you.

However, in the current economic climate, more and more students choose to study on their own. Therefore, we have decided to include some blog articles where we review some of the FCE books on the market and give you our recommendations.

FCE Books: The Store Cupboard Book

A good dictionary is a must for anyone studying English. If you don’t already have a dictionary, we recommend that you get the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. It is written for students who have a proficiency level of B2 (Upper-Intermediate) or above.

The latest edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (the 9th edition) has a number of very useful key features including:

  • The Oxford iSpeaker
  • The Oxford iWriter

The Oxford iSpeaker
This interactive tool helps students prepare for speaking exams and oral presentations. It also assist students in developing strategies for holding a conversation in English. They can also take part in dialogues, record and listen to their voice and assess their own speaking skills.

In addition, students can watch videos of British and American English sounds, conversations and exam-style tasks.

The Oxford iWriter
This is an interactive tutor to help students plan, write and review their written work. The tasks include essays, presentations, reports, letters, reviews, CVs and more. Models are given for each task type which show structure, notes and sample content. In addition, students are given advice on choosing the right language as well how to use language to sound more formal, more objective or to avoid repetition.

Other Features
The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD) also includes numerous other features such as a Wordfinder and Visual Vocabulary Builder. Check out this video, and see if the OALD is for you.

There is also a handy website for the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary that you can use for free. Here you can look up words, hear their pronunciation and much, much more.

So, to conclude, a good dictionary is a must when you are studying for the FCE exam. To view all of our recommended FCE books, visit our FCE Bookstore.




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