FCE Books: Self-study Student Book

If you are a self-study student for the FCE exam, it can be difficult to find a good student’s book. This is because almost all of the student’s books on the market are written to be used in a class-room situation.

One of the most important things you need to look for in a student’s book is an answer key. Without the answer key, you will find it very difficult to use the book effectively as a self-study student.

FCE Books: Ready for First

Ready for First is a comprehensive student’s book which we know many students have found useful. The book is made up of 14 topic-based units with easy reference word lists. Each unit has a review section at the end with exam-style tasks. And maybe most importantly for self-study student, the book also contains model answers and solid preparation as support for writing tasks.

The book has a special emphasis on word-building, collocations and phrasal verbs, something many students struggle with.

Another advantage that Ready for First has is that you can buy an additional workbook (with an answer key). Not only does the workbook contain exam practice in every unit, it also gives a thorough consolidation of the grammar studied in the student’s book.

The workbook puts a special emphasis on word building, collocation and phrasal verbs. In addition, it also offers extra writing practice and support. It also contains phrasal verb, lexical phrase and irregular verb lists.

Ready for First has been updated to be suitable for the 2015 FCE exam. It also comes with a digital element which contains two computer-based practice tests and video material for the Speaking test. This can be accessed via the Macmillan Practice Online Webcode which you can find printed inside the Student’s book.

Do You Need FCE Books?

One question many self-study students ask is if you need student’s book? The answer is: not necessarily. The advantage of using a student’s book is that you will have a structure to your studies. You will also know that if you have completed the student’s book, you have probably covered all you will encounter on the FCE exam.

However, if you are quite organised and you structure your studies effectively, you can successfully pass the FCE exam without having to buy a student’s book.




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