FCE Books: Grammar for First Certificate

Good knowledge of English grammar is not only needed on the Use of English Paper on the FCE exam, you will also need to use your knowledge of English grammar on the other FCE papers.

Even though this book was designed for the 2008 exam, and NOT the 2015 exam, it is still a good book that can teach you a lot of useful grammar.

There is a new and updated version of this book and the review can be found here: Grammar and Vocabulary for First and First for Schools.

FCE Books: Grammar for First Certificate

If you want to be confident that you have covered all the grammar for the FCE exam, you may want to consider getting the Cambridge: Grammar for First Certificate. The book has been published by the Cambridge University Press and practises a range of FCE tasks from the Use of English, Reading, Listening and Writing papers.

The Grammar for First Certificate contains 25 units, each divided into four parts: context listening, grammar, grammar exercises and exam practice.

As the book has both an answer key section and a reading script section, it is well suited for both students who are studying in a class-room setting and students who are studying on their own. Self-study students, in particular, will find the sample answer sections of great help.

The answer key will not only give you the correct answers, but also advise you on which section you will need to look at again if you have any problems. However, we found that the grammar explanations were not always that comprehensive. If you don’t already have a good English grammar book, we would recommend that you consider buying a grammar book as well.

The Audio CD that is included with the book contains context listenings for each of the 25 units. So, in addition to the grammar practice, you also get to develop your listening skills as well. You will also find the Exam listening tasks on the CD.

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