Cambridge English Scale

From January 2015, Cambridge English started using a new way of reporting results of their suite of English exams. From this date, they have been using the Cambridge English Scale to provide students and teachers with more detailed information about exam performance.

The Cambridge English Scale is designed to complement the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It uses a range of scores for reporting the results of Cambridge English exams, allowing for more straightforward reporting of results across the Cambridge English suite of exams.

This new way of reporting on exam results should better reflect a student’s actual knowledge of English necesito receta para comprar viagra. It should also meet the needs of

  • students
  • teachers
  • universities
  • employers
  • immigration departments
  • etc.

Benefits of the Cambridge English Scale

There are numerous benefits to using the Cambridge English Scale as it …

  • gives more detailed results
  • is straightforward and consistent
  • makes it easy to compare performance

With the new scale, students receive a more detailed score for each skill:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

In addition, they also receive a detailed score in Use of English. Students will also get an overall score for the exam.

Exam results across all the Cambridge English exams will report on the same scale, making reporting more straightforward and consistent.

The alignment of the Cambridge English exams to the CEFR and IELTS, as well as to each other, is clear and makes it easy to compare performance. The results on the Cambridge English Scale also give a greater insight into a student’s progression from one exam to the next.

This video explains more about the Cambridge English Scale.

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