You will take your FCE Speaking exam in front of two examiners. There will be another FCE student taking the Speaking exam together with you.

The Speaking Part of the FCE is fourteen minutes in duration and consists of four parts:

  • Part 1: you will have a 3-minute conversation with the examiner. You may have to give information about yourself, talk about past experiences, present circumstances and future plans.

  • Part 2: an individual “long turn”. You will be given a pair of photographs and you will need to talk about them for approx. one minute without interruption. Once you have finished speaking, your partner will answer a short question from the examiner about your photographs. Your partner will then do the same, before you both move onto the next part of the Speaking exam.

  • Part 3: a two-way conversation between you and the FCE student taking the test with you. The examiner will give you some pictures and a decision-making task to do. You will need to have a 3-minute discussion with the other FCE student and make a decision.

  • Part 4: a further discussion on topics related to Part 3. The examiner will ask questions which will broaden the discussion in Part 3 so that you can demonstrate that you are capable of discussing issues in more depth.

There are no marks per speaking part as your performance will be assessed throughout the whole exam.

The FCE Speaking Paper counts for 20% of the overall mark.